3-chip digital cameras High resolution, vibrant, sharp image quality
Multi-camera ceremony coverage Viewing the ceremony from different angles
Low light cameras No need for powerfull blinding lights
Stereo HI-FI sound track Clear, rich sound
Digital post production editing Smooth, polished, "film like" finished tape

Weva Code of Ethics

Our business philosophy...
We will personally custom produce your entire video documentary. We work on only one event in a day,
to give you our full attention. Unless previously discussed and agreed upon by the customer, we do not
use sub-contractors. When you select a two videographer package, the assistant we employ, is an
experienced camera operator, that we know and have used for several years.

Our style is documentary
We do not set up shots, but rather capture the flow of the day as it happens. Unobtrusive, we try to
blend into the background and avoid using bright lights, preferring available light when possible. As
our cameras are very sensitive, there is no need for mega watt flood lights. The only light, that we use,
is a battery powered on-camera light, that is controlled with a dimmer. The dimmer allows us to softly
turn on the light when we need it, without being noticed. Often, we do not even bring it up to the full
power level.
We are video artists, creative and romantic.The camera work is clean, and elegant. We only use the newest and very best equipment; two or three latest digital cameras and state-of-the-art digital editing suite.

One can not overstate the importance of post production editing in giving the video that polished,
finished look. It is during editing when redundant footage is cut, some special effects, titles, music is
added. Sound track is mixed in. The photo/video montage is created. Footage from several cameras is
selected and mixed. The list could be made quite long...

Without going into some serious technical issues, let us mention that our advanced digital editing system, revolutionized the editing process in the way the word processor revolutionized typing, when it replaced a type writer! The final edited product looks sharp, smooth and polished. No tacky or artificial looking special effects.
Special attention is given to the audio quality. Today many homes have DVD players and stereo HI-FI VCRs
connected to Home Theater/Surround Sound Stereo Systems. We deliver video with crystal clear Stereo HI-FI sound track.
A wireless microphone is used for recording the exchange of vows for the very best audio.

We always have back-up equipment at your wedding. Cameras, batteries, lights, are dual/triple backed-up.

The attire is black tuxedo to blend in to the background.


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