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Preserve your family's heritage with a family history video.

For more than fifteen years, we have been producing Video Histories. We take pride in our attention to detail and personal approach. Together we create a unique and touching treasure that captures the past and leaves a legacy for the future.

A Family Video is the best gift for occasions such as Wedding Anniversaries, Birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Retirement Ceremonies and many more. Let us turn your old photos and home movies into a heart-warming story you'll want to see again and again.
Love story - if a wedding is coming up, there is no better way to honor the bride and groom than by presenting them with this personal and romantic video that shows them growing up, meeting, and falling in love. Perfect for showing at a rehearsal dinner or wedding reception.While working on your project, we will select the right music background from the era the photos were taken, retouch minor scratches and blemishes, adjust the contrast and colors if needed. While capturing the image, sometimes just the right camera movement will make the picture come alive...The power of these images, when accompanied by music, will bring joy, humor, and remembrance of good times and close ties. The montage can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home or on big screen during a party celebration. Popular occasions include Anniversary parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebrations and retirement parties.

How To Prepare Your Material

You will need to organize all your memories so that we can create the video for you.
Please follow this easy four-step process to help sort and arrange all of your material:

1. Go through all of your memories separating the best and most meaningful photos. Choose the photos that show character and personality.
Try to avoid duplicate and out of focus photos if possible.
You may wish to organize your photos in chronological order.

2. Now you will decide how many categories you would like for your video, for example Baby Pictures, Grade school pictures, etc. Or, Father's side of family, Mother's side of family, etc.

Note how many photos you have in each category, and include this information as well as the category title, and your music choice. Group the photos by category into separate envelopes.

We can also use any common electronic image formats - JPEG, TIFF, etc.

3. You must number each photo in the order you want them to appear. USE A PENCIL to write the numbers, never use a marker, because when stacking them together, it could mark the photo beneath it. You can also use post-it notes. When numbering, count from the first to the last photo regardless of category, if you have a total of 150 pictures, the number should be labeled from #1 to #150.

4. While you are going through your photos, think about the background music. Try to keep the songs in the proper time frame. In other words, if you are showing pictures of Grandfather from his Army days in 1945, you might use some Big Band music. When you decide upon the music, you will need to provide either the CD, cassette tape or record so we can add that music to the soundtrack. You can also submit music in MP3 format.


Pricing: (Includes studio editing, music soundtrack of your choice)
Order Form

50 Images
Two (2) musical selections
One Title page


100 Images
Four (4) musical selections
One Title page


Up to 125 Images
Sound synchronization
One Title page
Animated photos
Two (2) DVDs more...



Each additional title page...$12.95 Each 1-3 min video segment from your home movie videotape to be included ... $5.95 Additional DVDs (at time of order)
1 ............... $35
2 or more ... $29
Additional photos may be added to any package ... $2.50 ea. Tape Copies (at time of order)
1 ............... $35
2 or more ... $29


Typical production time is 1-2 weeks.
Note: All your photos, tapes and other material will be returned to you.

Invoice payment

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